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England by XxStarlightangelxX England :iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 0 0 Read with Me! by XxStarlightangelxX Read with Me! :iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 2 3 Love You! by XxStarlightangelxX Love You! :iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 0 0
Time Travel isn't Fun Ch. 4
Kakashi looked at his um . . . what would you call a team that you recently had that all died, but you went back in time and now back into that team that was dead. Would you call it your deceased team or something? That's all that Kakashi could think about as he walked down the streets with them. Secretly he was glad to see them again, he was just lucky that he had a great poker face to hide it, that and a mask that covers half of his face.
He walked down the path with his teammates and looked through the old stalls. It had been years since he was able to walk down this path again and see all the old faces he remembered. Of course, there was always the annoyance of-
"So Rin! Do you want to go out for a bite?" asked Obito as they walked behind him.
"I'll go if Kakashi goes," replied Rin as she ogled over Kakashi.
Kakashi sweat dropped and wondered if she was always this obvious about her feelings when they were younger or was he just that oblivious. He kept quiet and ignored the situati
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 3 1
The Curse of Life
Why did you create us? Such useless beings that stand on two legs. We who are given the gift of a conscience, of thought?
Is it a gift? For this 'gift' has caused such horrible things?
Hatred. Pain. Grief.
All those emotions that are created with the 'gift' of Knowedge.
Why are we the ones with the ability to think? We have destroyed others for the sake of our own selfishness.
In this cut throat world only the ones that are the 'fittest' shall prevail.
Wars. Greed. Revenge.
Such things that were never originally there but were created in the darkness of the human heart.
Given to such creatures that will sacrifice others to prosper, to live.
Such fragile creatures that fear pain.
Two legs, two arms, a torso, and a head bound together with flesh and a soul.
What are we?
We are beings that take for our own joy.
As our greed consumes us we shield our eyes from the world that is crumbling around us.
We fear what we do not know well.
Such close minded creatures that shun those who are d
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 0 0
New Beginnings
"You're gonna be late."
"It's okay. I just want to be here for a bit more."
"It's not your fault though!"
"But I should have been stronger for them."
". . ."
Three genin waited in the classroom for their sensei who was supposed to be here about half an hour ago. A blond spikey haired, considerably short boy walked around in circles and whined about how late their sensei was. A pink haired girl shouted at the blond to shut up while and male with dark (butt duck like) hair grunted in anger.
"He should be here already!" shouted the blond.
"Shut up Naruto! You should be more patient, right Sasuke?" said the pink haired girl as she drooled over him.
"He should be here soon," Sasuke replied in a deep voice.
They heard the door open and in walked a man with spikey dark hair. Another man with spikey grey hair soon followed and he two were arguing about some book called "Icha Icha Paradis
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 6 0
Sick Day
Obito rushed to the field since he was late again for training. He rushed past the trees and was almost there when a tree branch hit him and he landed in the training ground, ungracefully. He slowly got up and was prepared for Kakashi to scold him when he heard nothing. The silver faired gravity-defying boy was nowhere in sight.
"Eh?" asked Obito as he looked around and did a 360 degree turn looking for Kakashi.
"Um, Minato-sensei, where is Kakashi?" asked Obito.
"Ah Obito, your late again and Kakashi is not here yet for some reason," replied Minato.
"What? I'm actually earlier than him?" asked Obito.
"Let's go check on him," Rin suggested.
"But . . ." Obito was cut off as Rin dragged him to Kakashi's house.
They rang the doorbell and waited with no reply.
"Kakashi, where are you?" shouted Rin.
"Not so loud," answered a tired voice.
When the two turned their heads they were surprised to see Kakashi looking tired and feverish. He stood at the door waiting for their reason for coming to
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 3 2
Time Travel Isn't Fun Ch. 3
"Naruto, you should be more careful when you don't know your situation," said a voice that seemed very familiar.
Naruto turned around expecting the face of his sensei when there was no one. He turned around and looked all over for his spikey, silver haired teacher only to find nothing. Naruto scratched his head in confusion and wondered if he had imagined it when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Naruto turned around and saw silver hair. He then looked down to see a miniature version of Kakashi.
"I think I need sleep. I see a Kakashi Jr.," said Naruto after blinking several times and rubbing his eyes.
"Naruto, it's me," said Kakashi.
"Eh?" asked Naruto confused.
"You traveled back to the past. I had to take on my younger form so that it wouldn't cause a problem with seeing two Kakashis in one time period," he said nonchalantly.
"No way!" shouted Naruto, "Kakashi you're sure short."
With that Naruto earned a smack in the face and a long very detailed description of how time travel works (t
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 3 2
The Legacy of the Shadows
"This world, I hate this world so much," said a voice as a old run down house was shown in the darkness of the night.
"We live under the dim moon while the humans have the sun," continues the voice as the moonlight shown upon a jail cell. It fluttered through the window reveal a shadowed figure.
"We are forced to live here, we are Shadow Beast, we are eternal, so why are we locked away?" asked the figure as the moonlight fell and showed a boy that was around fifteen with blue-black hair and onyx colored eyes. He wore a black tan top and blue jeans. Around his neck was a collar with a steel chain that was connected to the wall. On the upper part of his left arm was an unknown symbol.
"I had enough of this," said the boy as he slowly got up. He jerked the chain quickly and snapped it with ease. The guard was asleep so he quickly slipped the key away and unlocked the door.
"Freedom at last," he muttered as he ran out the door.
He ran through the halls and found the doorway that he needed.
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Time Travel isn't Fun Ch. 2
Kakashi, Rin and Obito watched as Minato spit out his ramen in surprise and began coughing.
"What do you mean?" asked Minato worried.
"The creation of babies," stated Kakashi as he tried to avoid the word.
"Have you been cheating on Kushina-san?" shouted Rin, "She was always there for you! And she always helped you out! You're in love with her right? Did you cheat on her! When did you . . ."
Minato held his hands up in front of him to block the lecture Rin was trying to give him and laughed nervously. He then sat up straight and stared at all his students curiously.
"Why did you think that?" asked Minato, "And no Rin, I haven't cheated on Kushina. We are going to have a child soon though."
"Oh you mean the one you're going to name Naruto!" shouted Rin in excitement.
Kakashi pushed Rin out of Minato's Face and began to talk, "We saw a kid about fifteen, sixteen years old with blond hair like yours as well as blue eyes like yours."
"There was kid like that, b
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 2 5
Time Travel isn't Fun Ch. 1
Naruto rubbed his head as he woke up to a hospital room again. How did he get here? Wasn't he is the forest just a second ago? Naruto tried to get up when he felt sharp pain in his chest. He noticed it was tightly bandaged and though it was healing fast, still needed time to rest.
He slowly got up from the hospital bed and walked over to the window. The village seemed higher than before. Where was the crater from Pein? Maybe he hit his head or something. While he was staring out the window, arms crossed over his chest, thinking how the village was rebuilt so quickly he heard a gasp.
There stood a girl with dark-brown hair and light brown eyes. She was had the Leaf Village headband and seemed to be a medical ninja with two rectangular purple marks on her cheeks. Naruto stared at the girl who he had never seen before and before he knew it was bombarded with questions.
"Who are you? How did you heal so fast? Why are you awake? Where are you from? When did you get here? DO you know Minato-
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 6 3
Things Change Ch. 14
"Kakashi-oof," grunted Obito as his face was smashed into a fist. Obito had tried to jump at Kakashi while he was still in the hospital bed and Kakashi reacted by putting up his fist, allowing Obito to jump right into it. Obito had been doing this for weeks now, jumping at Kakashi ever since he had awoken from his coma.
"What do you want now, Obito? You've been trying to jump me for the past month," Kakashi said pissed.
"Big meanie," said Obito childishly, "I just wanted to see you."
"Yeah and you've been trying to see me twenty-four seven. For the past month you gave sixteen different nurses heart attacks from you sudden "visits" to my room," said Kakashi. He was laying down in the hospital bed with his arms crossed under his head staring out the window.
"We'll I was happy that you woke up, plus you were gone for more than a year," said Obito pouting.
"Why did you come this time then?" Kakashi asked as he sat up and looked over at Obito with an eye brow raised in question.
Obito stopp
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 2 5
Missing Ch. 9
"I can't believe you're a dog!" Obito had screamed for the about the hundredth time that day.
"Shuddup," Kakashi mumbled back.
Ever since he had gotten that dumb collar to work the Team was surprised that he was a dog, but the worst was Obito that teased him about it. That stopped when Kakashi bit him. Kakashi discussed with Minato about the jutsu and Minato was working furiously to fix it.
"I still can't believe it! You peed on my floor!" yelled Obito.
"That was because you wouldn't let me leave to finish this collar. So shuddup already," Kakashi said.
"But-," started Obito.
"Obito. Shut. Up." Kakashi said each word darkly with a vein popping out of him head.
"Y-yes. Gomennasi," replied Obito.
Over the next few days Minato had been searching every book he knew to reverse the jutsu. Kakashi was lying on the couch when he shot up and began listening. That was weird. What was that sound. Kakashi had no time to think when a hand grabbed him and tied his muzzle shut.
He was blind folded an
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 2 1
Things Change Ch. 13
Obito woke up in a hospital bed. He heard the beep, beep of the emergency life support system. Whenever he woke up to that noise, it gave him that horrible gut feeling. No, it wasn't him that needed it. He was just here because of exhaustion. It had been several days now.
Obito was absolutely fine. He turned his head to see the patient next to him. He was the one hooked up to the emergency life support. He barely moved. The only sign that he was alive was the small rise and fall of his chest as he breathed.
He was in bad shape. The medical ninja had been coming in every day to heal him, but many wondered if he would even survive. He had a machine to help him breathe, one to check his heart rate and finally an IV-drip to supply plasma.
Obito sat up and looked down at his hands. He was so useless. He pulled his hands into fists and squeezed them. He hated that day.
"You snake faced bastard. I'll ge
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 1 0
Things Change Ch. 12
Obito rushed through the trees. He was alone now. Minato-sensei and Rin were either alive and tired or weak and dead. He had to bring Kakashi back no matter what. He knew he didn't want to admit it even though it had been so long, but he was truly happy that Kakashi was back.
Obito raced through the trees back to where he had remembered where Kakashi was battered and broken. He hated himself. How could he not know that the Kakashi they went home with was a fake? It was all his fault.
Obito stopped when he grew near to the hideout. He slowly entered it to see a large area. He had passed through several traps and he was ready for the next door. Obito entered the next room. As he neared the door it opened. Obito lowered his head, tears falling down his face.
"You snake faced bastard. I'll get you for this."
Rin panted as she felt the poison course through her veins.  She looked at the batt
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 1 0
A Truely Merry Christmas
Naruto sat in his room staring out at the snowy scenery before him. It had been twelve years since he was born and twelve years he had lived full of fear. He hated Christmas. It was a time to smile and give presents, to be with friends and family.
Naruto sighed. As far as he knew he didn't have friends or family. The old man always told him to be proud of his parents, but he was never given any names. Naruto couldn't even find one Uzumaki in the name of residents in the Hidden Leaf Village.
He did what he did every Christmas: hope that his parents were watching over him and wish for someone, just someone, to care about him. He was never cared for so why should he expect someone to care now, even if he finally had a team.
Naruto laid down in bed and sighed. This was going to be another cold Christmas.
Sasuke sat on top of a roof in the Uchiha Clan district, or what was left of it. He had cleaned i
:iconxxstarlightangelxx:XxStarlightangelxX 0 0
To me if you wish to write a story, there's always a reason to show your feelings.


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is a manga and anime addict.
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United States
How far would you go for a loved one?
What would you do to achieve your goals?
Would you abandon something precious for something as simple as revenge?
Will friendship and love be stronger than the bonds of darkness?

Current Residence: Somewhere
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Shell of choice: Turtle shell
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Neji, and Obito


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